Why Should You Listen To This Podcast?

Break Through Love Addiction

This podcast is for you if you want to stop feeling devastated, destroyed or depressed after a breakup or constantly attracting partners that are unavailable. Burn the pain and disappointment of yet another failed relationship and learn what is really causing the pain. In this show you will learn what is really causing the pain and what to do about it.

Attract True Love & Authentic Connection

In this podcast you’ll discover the differences between mature healthy compassionate love vs. Love Addiction and dependency. Increase your awareness to call in true love, authentic connection and deep emotional and sexual intimacy manifesting a healthy, loving, lasting relationship.

Uplevel Your Self-Love

Start inhabiting a whole new level of self-love, self-confidence, and passion for yourself and your life. From this place of radical self-love, where we blossom in our true power, we are able to finally attract our significant other and stand firm in our most empowered and alive version of ourselves.

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Addicted To Love Podcast Has Been Featured In The Top 40 Breakup Podcasts You Must Follow In 2021!


Caroline, United Kingdom:

I devoured these podcasts which felt like they were written for me and my healing. They led me on a journey of finally facing and tackling my love addiction. Aleah is heaven sent. She is blessed with profound insight and a way of delivering it that speaks to mind, body and soul. If you think you may be addicted to love, I cannot recommend the podcasts highly enough.

Indiamai, United Kingdom:

I have listened to all of these podcasts and what i found was with the delivery of each one , my subconsious was unravelling deeper and deeper, where i could no longer hide from the real truth of what i have been doing all of my life. Also i would not want to hide from it as Aleah’s words penetrated my soul, empowering me to see so clearly why i have attracted the situations and relationships that i have so far. Awareness is the first and major step to transforming anything and the soft loving delivery meant i was able to relax and listen to every word and digest easily. Everyone will gain something from this even if it is just to fine tune a thriving relationship, or, if you have had a lifetime of painful relationships because we are all on this journey of creating the best version of ourselves that we possibly can, either consciously or by default through unexpected events.

Anca, Romania:

LOVE is our daily struggle! LOVE is our daily need! Your words are so true and so helpful!! Thank you Aleah!!

IvoryGold, Switzerland:

It is perfectly clear that Aleah Ava knows exactly what she is talking about. Her explanation and guidance will help people not only to understand their relationship behaviour but will encourage them to make the change. And besides that, I simply adore her voice.

LellyFitz, United States:

I have been off and on in therapy for years! Aleah describes in just a few episodes the true heart of my many ‘people pleasing’ struggles! She is so relatable and vulnerable yet firm and clear. If you want to form healthier habits in your personal and love life this is an incredible resource! Highly recommend!

Yeehaw Dudes, United States:

This podcast is amazing. The approach is so gentle, but also rigorously honest. The awareness I’ve gained from listening to this podcast is enormous and it’s already helped my so much.

loveaddictnumber 143:

The amount of self awareness this podcast is bringing into my life is life changing. it feels relieving to know i’m not the only one who feels these things. thank you so much for the time and effort you all put into putting this content out there!!

Meet The Creator

Aleah Ava is the co-founder of www.theroyalpath.com and an intuitive healer, supporting both couples and individuals in navigating through the much needed deeper inner healing work. With Aleah they achieve supreme clarity, emotional liberation from the past and full personal sovereignty and empowerment.

Through her own method – Emotional Recycling – she enables her clients to safely and consciously re-access repressed unintegrated feelings. Integration and healing happens through the safe and vulnerable exposure of those feelings, the necessary grief work and the overwriting with the heart-based frequency of love and pleasure.

After more than a decade of partaking in various healing and growth modalities and trainings (including more than 150 open-end deep feeling/inner child sessions) she is now able to take people to the depth of their being.

Her unique gifts such as her clair-sentience as well as her fine-tuned intuition and clarity combined with the holding of a non-judgmental, safe and loving space allows her clients to naturally and efficiently dive in, work through their repressed  feelings and resurface with insights that literally transform their life on every level.

Being a recovering Love Addict herself motivated her to create the Addicted to Love Podcast where she sheds light and immeasurable insight into one of the most controversial topics Love Addiction-and dependency. She supports her listeners in breaking denial, creating a high level of awareness and she shares with them the powerful and successful tools that helped her break free from dysfunctional, unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships.

Together with her Business Partner, Dan Hart, and their team, they offer signature deep healing retreats, individual, group and couples coaching as well as online programs. Their first book will be released by spring/summer 2022.

What You Will Learn On This Show


Understanding Love Addiction

The first step in overcoming Love Addiction is awareness because awareness gives you choice. Shed light into the dynamics between love addicts and become supremely aware on your behaviour that contributes to dysfunctional relationships.


Develop Self-Compassion And Empathy

There are very valid reasons why you have been chasing after love in the first place. Once you truly understand your motives and what made you fall for the wrong people in the first place, you will find real compassion and empathy for yourself that will allow you to embark on your healing journey.

Attract Healthy Love

Nothing is more beautiful than epic healthy love. A love that feels safe and protective. A love that is no longer full of push-pull mechanisms and drama, but that thrives in the most natural and nourishing way. You will never compromise your standards again, but reinfornce helahty boundaries that keep you protected from yet another painful relationship.

Increase Your Self-Worth

It is time to fall madly in love with yourself and start inhabiting a whole new level of self-confidence and respect. From this place of radical self-love, where we blossom in our true power, we are able to finally attract our significant other and stand firm in our most empowered and alive version of ourselves.

The Feeling Is The Healing

You will learn that grief is the healing feeling and it is liberating like nothing else. There is beauty in all feelings and you will start to become comfortable with emotional upheavl. In this way you will no longer re-act impulsively, but rather respond consciously. Your feelings are key to your healing journey. I will show you how to re-create access to those long lost feelings and how to no longer be afraid of them.

Empowerment & Liberation

Once you are no longer controlled by this painful addiction, you will feel much freer and more empowered. All of a sudden your energy will be re-directed to other important areas of your life that will nourish and expand your being and enable you to create a (love) life you truly wish for.

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