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How to Find Love That Heals

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Why Should You Listen To This Podcast?

Release Relationship Anxiety

Release faulty love templates, heal unresolved emotional wounds, and break free from unconscious relationship patterns to come home to the love you deserve and desire. By listening to this podcast you’ll learn how to stop attracting avoidant, unavailable, or narcissistic partners. 

Create Conscious Love

In this podcast, you’ll explore the distinctions between mature, healthy, compassionate love and co-addictive relationships. You’ll learn how to invite a sacred relationship into your life, one that’s rich with emotional and sexual intimacy, and break free from the “love only hurts” cycle.

Learn to Love Yourself

Begin embracing a new dimension of self-love, self-confidence, and self-compassion. From this solid ground of self-love, where we flourish in our authentic power, we are equipped to attract a significant other and stand firm in the most secure and vibrant version of ourselves.

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I remember the endless nights I lay awake in bed with my head going in circles obsessing over “him”. I really needed help in that moment, but all I had was my phone. I searched for articles that could explain why he’d behave the way he did, and it actually did help.

It wasn’t, however, until I got professional help that I started to sleep through the night again. I needed to understand more about myself and the things I could not see.

If you’d like help with your journey, I am available. Click on the button below to schedule your first sessions:

Caroline, United Kingdom:

I devoured these podcasts which felt like they were written for me and my healing. They led me on a journey of finally facing and tackling my love addiction. Aleah is heaven sent. She is blessed with profound insight and a way of delivering it that speaks to mind, body and soul. If you think you may be addicted to love, I cannot recommend the podcasts highly enough.

Indiamai, United Kingdom:

I have listened to all of these podcasts and what i found was with the delivery of each one, my subconsious was unravelling deeper and deeper, where i could no longer hide from the real truth of what i have been doing all of my life. Also i would not want to hide from it as Aleah’s words penetrated my soul, empowering me to see so clearly why i have attracted the situations and relationships that i have so far. The soft loving delivery meant i was able to relax and listen to every word and digest easily. I believe that everyone will gain something from this wonderfully authentic podcast.

Anca, Romania:

LOVE is our daily struggle! LOVE is our daily need! Your words are so true and so helpful!! Thank you Aleah!!

IvoryGold, Switzerland:

It is perfectly clear that Aleah Ava knows exactly what she is talking about. Her explanation and guidance will help people not only to understand their relationship behaviour but will encourage them to make the change. And besides that, I simply adore her voice.

LellyFitz, United States:

I have been off and on in therapy for years! Aleah describes in just a few episodes the true heart of my many ‘people pleasing’ struggles! She is so relatable and vulnerable yet firm and clear. If you want to form healthier habits in your personal and love life this is an incredible resource! Highly recommend!

Yeehaw Dudes, United States:

This podcast is amazing. The approach is so gentle, but also rigorously honest. The awareness I’ve gained from listening to this podcast is enormous and it’s already helped my so much.

loveaddictnumber 143

The amount of self awareness this podcast is bringing into my life is life changing. it feels relieving to know i’m not the only one who feels these things. thank you so much for the time and effort you all put into putting this content out there!!

Aleah Ava

Meet Aleah Ava, The Creatrix

Aleah is a trauma-informed transformational leader, relationship expert, and spiritual mentor in service of the awakening and facilitation of deeper realms of personal and spiritual growth. She empowers empathic high-sensitive women and couples on their path to emotional and sexual healing, growth and liberation.

After almost two decades partaking in various healing- and growth modalities, Aleah has developed an unparalleled degree of energetic perception. She is clairsentient, claircognizant, and equipped with a highly fine-tuned intuition, offering a unique trauma-informed and non-judgmental save space for you to explore, heal and transform in profound ways.

Aleah created the 5* rated Addicted to Love Podcast where she sheds light on the subject of Love Addiction/Love Avoidance helping thousands of people around the world to step out of fear, and into healthy love.

Together with her partner in love and business, Ismaele Di Blasi, and her 8-year old (step)son they live in Umbria, the spiritual heart of Italy. They enjoy their family-life, Italian Gourmet Kitchen, love, art and romance.

What You Will Learn On This Show

Understand Codependent Relationships

The first step towards overcoming codependent relationships is awareness, as it empowers you with choice. Gain insight into the dynamics of co-addicted relationships, and become conscious of the behaviors that fuel dysfunctional interactions.

Emotional Literacy

Learn how to recognize your emotions, tolerate the intensity of strong feelings, know how to manage them, and show true empathy. By staying vulnerable in the heat of the moment and taking full responsibility for your emotions, you’ll be able to refrain from lashing out at another.

Shed Light on Your Emotional Wounding

Discover what Aleah refers to as “The Invisible Trauma” that we all bear and its impact on your capacity to love. Additionally, you’ll gain insights into your inner child and learn strategies to validate and connect with her, ensuring she feels deeply acknowledged and seen.

Heal The Past

Healing involves reestablishing a connection with your most authentic self. This process allows you to reconnect with your heart, the nurturing mother within, your mature adult self, your authentic power, and a sense of healthy shame. You’ll also learn about Aleah’s unique emotional healing method called Emotional Recyling.

Become Secure and Magnetic

Learn about the importance of your nervous sytstem and how it influences your emotional wellbeing. You’ll also learn to establish and nurture a sacred relation ship with yourself. You’ll practice autonomy, deepen your understanding of what you truly want, and become impeccable in setting your standards, recoginizing your needs and identifying your deal-breakers.

Conscious Dating

Discover the concept of conscious dating, including the identification of dating traps and understanding red, yellow, and green flags. By deeply understanding yourself, recognizing your relationship patterns, and making mindful choices, you can intentionally invite a sacred relationship with a partner who knows how to love you deeply.

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