Addicted To Love Episodes

Waking Up To The Authentic You With Sherry Gaba

  Sherry Gaba, Psychotherapist, Life and Recovery Coach, just released her new book The Marriage & Relationship Junkie where she vulnerably shares her own story and guides people through "kicking their obsession". Waking Up To The Authentic You discusses how we have...

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Rejection Is Your Protection!

  Rejection hurts so bad as it triggers our feelings of unworthiness like nothing else. Despite being rejected, some people keep pursuing the person in an attempt to prove to themselves that they are indeed lovable. We engage in unrequited love and do not realize that...

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8 Ways To Avoid Falling In Love Too Quickly

We are all tempted to get instant gratification. Passionate nights, butterflies, and hours of chatting with a new lover. These moments are great but if we jump into something too quickly, we might no longer be able to evaluate if this person is actually a good match...

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