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Did you recently go no-contact with someone or has he or she ghosted you? Withdrawl can be brutal, but with this guide you will not just survive, but thrive!

Overcoming Love Addiction - The Book

Stepping Out Of Love Addiction

Find your way from the heart-breatking confusion of addicted love to the fulfillment of epic healthy relationships. Coming Soon!

The Epic Relationship Program

Become The Happiest Couple You Know!

In this guide you will get the long lost secrets to create a lasting, sensual and healthy relationship. Coming Soon!

Wow! Attending The Royal Path retreat has just been magical, off the scale and it has exceeded all my expectations. I have done a lot of personal growth/healing work before, but this is a life-changer. Aleah and Dan are so gifted, kind and loving. I feel like I have finally learned how to love myself. I cannot recommend The Royal Path retreats highly enough. It will change your life!
Caroline, London, United Kingdom

Kick-Start Your Healing Now
With Our Free Ebook!

We have created a very special gift for you – a free ebook that entails an overview on the how and what when it comes to deep healing, emotional liberation and positive lasting change.

In the book we talk about the importance of doing the deeper inner healing work, what it is that we actually need to heal and how we are going to achieve that.

You will be introduced to our signature method called Emotional Recycling and you will learn to detect what spiritual bypassing means.

Healing is no longer optional and with us and our team you find people who have walked the talk. We know what it means and more importantly, we know what it takes to get you to the other end of the tunnel! Click on the link below and get your free copy today!