30 Days No Contact Survival Guide


Is This You?

You have just been dumped, or you decided to end a relationship that has not been the epic and magical journey you initially signed up for? Maybe you have been ghosted, or your partner has gone incognito and wants nothing to do with you anymore. Perhaps, you have been on and off for a while and this time you decided to finally break it off for real.

Whether it was your choice or not, your are faced with no-contact

One moment you find yourself empowered, ready to make it on your own, and your future vision board is laid out neatly in front of you. You find yourself dancing wildly in your living room, and you spend your evenings watching motivational videos on YouTube.

And just a moment later your emotions get the better of you

You start feeling a heavy weight on your heart, you become anxious, start craving sugar, alcohol or junk-food or you suddenly find yourself stalking your ex on social media. Maybe you scroll through the pictures of your last holidays or read through old conversations on WhatsApp. Withdrawal has kicked in and you are being given an incredible chance for deep healing and personal growth!

And we are going to help you do just that with our “30 Days No Contact Survival Guide”!

Here Is How The 30 Days No Contact
Survival Guide Can Change Your Life

Survive Withdrawal

The absence of a loved person can cause severe symptoms of withdrawal. You hurt emotionally, you miss them and you feel lonely and depressed. This guide will help you manage such symptoms and bring hope and empowerment again.

Reflect And Gain Clarity

Awareness gives you choice. You will lift the veil of denial and get a clear and honest perspective that will help you navigate and digest the separation. You will take the valuable lessons and further relate with new insight.

Boost Your Self-Love

You will develop a solid self-care & nourishment practice, learn to respect yourself in new ways, establish healthy boundaries & standards and ultimately rise like phoenix from the ashes of your old self.

Caroline, United Kingdom:

I devoured these podcasts which felt like they were written for me and my healing. They led me on a journey of finally facing and tackling my love addiction. Aleah is heaven sent. She is blessed with profound insight and a way of delivering it that speaks to mind, body and soul. If you think you may be addicted to love, I cannot recommend the podcasts highly enough.

Indiamai, United Kingdom:

I have listened to all of these podcasts and what i found was with the delivery of each one , my subconsious was unravelling deeper and deeper, where i could no longer hide from the real truth of what i have been doing all of my life. Also i would not want to hide from it as Aleah’s words penetrated my soul, empowering me to see so clearly why i have attracted the situations and relationships that i have so far. Awareness is the first and major step to transforming anything and the soft loving delivery meant i was able to relax and listen to every word and digest easily. Everyone will gain something from this even if it is just to fine tune a thriving relationship, or, if you have had a lifetime of painful relationships because we are all on this journey of creating the best version of ourselves that we possibly can, either consciously or by default through unexpected events.

Anca, Romania:

LOVE is our daily struggle! LOVE is our daily need! Your words are so true and so helpful!! Thank you Aleah!!

IvoryGold, Switzerland:

It is perfectly clear that Aleah Ava knows exactly what she is talking about. Her explanation and guidance will help people not only to understand their relationship behaviour but will encourage them to make the change. And besides that, I simply adore her voice.

LellyFitz, United States:

I have been off and on in therapy for years! Aleah describes in just a few episodes the true heart of my many ‘people pleasing’ struggles! She is so relatable and vulnerable yet firm and clear. If you want to form healthier habits in your personal and love life this is an incredible resource! Highly recommend!

Yeehaw Dudes, United States:

This podcast is amazing. The approach is so gentle, but also rigorously honest. The awareness I’ve gained from listening to this podcast is enormous and it’s already helped my so much.

loveaddictnumber 143:

The amount of self awareness this podcast is bringing into my life is life changing. it feels relieving to know i’m not the only one who feels these things. thank you so much for the time and effort you all put into putting this content out there!!

Are You Ready To Not Just Survive Your Break-up, But Actually Thrive?

We don’t have to tell you that break-ups are hard. The symptoms of withrawl often result in us caving in, and ultimately lead to us reaching out to the person again. We do whatever we can to ease the horrible feelings that can surface when love is gone. If this happened to you in the past, let us ensure you that you are not the only one.

How can you efficiently manage the symptoms of withdrawal? How can you overcome the feeling of loneliness that comes with living life solo again? How can you turn a painful break-up into an empowered act of love towards yourself and give birth to a whole new person that you deeply respect?

All of those questions and much more will be answered in this guide. Instead of gaining weight, feeling hopeless and sorry for yourself or fall victim to too many chocolate chip cookies, you will feel reborn, and full of enthusiasm for having overcome an unimaginably difficult moment in your life. You will feel so proud and deeply empowered once the 30 days are over.

Here Is What You’ll Get When You Download Our 30 Days No Contact Survival Guide

Daily Exercises To Keep You On Track

Each day will you will be invited to dedicate some time to a specific exercise. The exercises include writing, reflection or a concrete action to support you on your break-through journey. The more you put in, the more you will get out of this. Your success is defined by the sincerity of your actions.

A Supportive Community

Join our supportive private Facebook community with people from all over the world who have the same goal as you do; to make this the most empowering 30 days of your life.

Live Online Q&A Session

You are welcome to join in our live online Q&A with Aleah Ava and Dan Hart. Ask us anything and get the next best thing to having us as your personal coach.

Yes, you can do it on your own, of course you can!

But, it is so much easier and faster with great people who have got your back.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to personal growth, or have been on the journey for years. When you put people together, new magic happens. Great friendships can result from that too.

Wherever you are now, the guidance and resources we share will inspire profound and meaningful positive changes in your life.

If you want to make this your phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes-moment, and meet a new amazing community with people who share your values, this guide is for you.

And we will be here to help!


no contact survival guide
addicted to love
Aleah Ava is a Spiritual Psychologist and Tantra Therapist. She supports both couples and individuals in navigating through the much needed deeper inner healing work to achieve supreme clarity, emotional liberation from the past and full personal sovereignty and empowerment.
Through her own method – Emotional Recycling – healing no contact survival guide
addicted to love. she enables her clients to safely and consciously re-access repressed unintegrated feelings. Integration and healing happens through the safe and vulnerable exposure of those feelings, the necessary grief work and the overwriting with the heart-based frequency of love and pleasure. addicted to love. no contact survival guide

There Has Never Been A Better Moment

As we at The Royal Path always say, “Healing is no longer optional”, and you are presented with a unique moment to do just that. We don’t have a single moment to waste in our one precious life.

It’s even risk-free. Should you decide that this guide is not for you, you can cancel your order for the first 7 days. No questions asked – we will immediately refund the full amount.

Meet The Creators Of The Royal Path

For the past 15 years, Aleah and Dan, founders of The Royal Path, have been engaging consciously in the personal growth and deep healing realm. Their backgrounds consist of participation and education in a multitude of therapeutic and spiritual courses, trainings and retreats such as Primal Therapy in Los Angeles, Inner Child Work, Original Pain-work, Conscious Sexuality, Tantra and Tantra Therapy. Their journey also included Family Constellation as well as various forms of meditation and a living in a heightened state of awareness.

It is their fearless willingness to continuously dive deeper into the essence of their own being that created the profound understanding, heightened sensitivity and supreme clarity when it comes to dynamics of human nature, relationships, the realm of healing and personal growth.

Aleah & Dan have been in a relationship for almost 7 years consciously walking and practicing the path of authentic and intimate relating before letting go of their intimate relationship. They both set off on their individual journey to implement the learnings. They later re-united as trustful and inspired business partners based on a purely platonic friendship.

Their work is highly inspired by the teachings of: John Bradshaw, Arthur Janov and David Deida.

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In the book we talk about the importance of doing the deeper inner healing work, what it is that we actually need to heal and how we are going to achieve that.

You will be introduced to our signature method called Emotional Recycling and you will learn to detect what spiritual bypassing means.

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