ATL 36 | Guided Meditation for Loneliness, Anxiety and Overwhelm

If you experience moments of loneliness and anxiety or if you feel generally overwhelmed with difficult feelings, listen to this guided meditation. I created it for one of my clients and she reported back that it really helped her to dive deeper into her feelings and eventually finding balance again. So I decided to make it available for you all.  Do it once you are at home, with privacy, with headphones on, laying down so you can fully focus on it and relax into it. Let it affect you and repeat it as many times as you would like!

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Guided Meditation for Loneliness, Anxiety and Overwhelm

Today I have a special gift for you all. It is very much inspired by my work with yet another one of my dear clients with whom I have weekly sessions with. She came to me to address her love and relationship-related issues but also, as we later found out, her panic attacks that gave her a lot of stress and pressure when visiting her clients. Her heart would start to race, her palms would start to sweat, and she would get a sick feeling in her stomach, that made her fear that she might faint. We have been working together for 2 months now and her progress is already so magical to watch. She is super brave to face all that is coming up for her in our sessions.

More and more she is able to dive into the difficult feelings that are bringing up her panic attacks and as a result of feeling more, it can be quite challenging from time to time. Especially the day after last week’s session, the feelings persisted all throughout the morning. The next day she sent me a message somewhere before lunch saying: “I am feeling a bit nervous and anxious today! The feelings I was diving into yesterday are still very present. I don’t really understand it, because it’s a very quiet day today at work. I am, however, scared that these feelings are going to last long. I thought that I have my anxiety under control but today it feels like yesterday when we were talking about it. What can I do to feel better?”

I first answered not to resist it but to accept it. To go out into the nature and allow the feelings to move through her body, to work with them and express them, to give them all the room they need. For me, nature has often been a recipient of my own tears.


Taking You-Time Is So Important

So she left work early that day, took my advice and spent time in the snow and the woods. She actually reported that it was truly a wonderful experience and she was proud that she could work through it. She felt better afterwards.

After I had sent the message, I felt her so deeply. I think it is because I remember my very own hard times when I felt anxious and lost and how difficult and overwhelming it can actually feel.

I felt like I wanted to hug her and give her some much needed love. So, I started praying and asked spirit for help. I said: “God, how can I help her?” Can you step in? Can you help me help her? Personally, I deeply believe that I am not the one doing anything when it comes to my work. I am just a channel for spirit to do its work through me. So naturally, often, I ask for help and guidance in my work.

I sat down, put record on my iphone and started praying and channeling a meditation, a message for her.

Only a day or two later, I sent her the meditation. Another two days later, messaged me, saying: “Today I found myself worrying a lot and I was quite tense all the time, so I decided to listen to your meditation. When u started to sing I felt so save, like a child. I started to cry sooo much. I couldn’t stop. I just realised how lonely I actually feel. All I want is to be held, to be save and someone who takes care of me. It’s all coming up now. But I suppose that’s good. I just wanted to let u know that your meditation really hit me. Thank you so much.”


If You Want A Break-through, You Need The Courage To Actually FEEL

I am saying this because I want to honor her breakthrough when it comes to her more and more feeling her feelings. Because for the first few weeks in our sessions she was not really able to actually feel the feelings. Yes, she talked about it, but could not feel it yet. More and more now, she is able to and dares to actually connect her words to her feelings and it is taking her deeper and deeper.

Feelings to me are the magical ingredients of life. If we want to feel the positive feelings, the excitement and the uplifting, we also have to allow the uncomfortable ones. Repressing them also leads to the inability to feel the good ones deeply. Many of my clients actually repeatedly tell me that they want to feel more! It is a longing for many of us, I believe.

So I am sharing this meditation with you all, because maybe you experience difficult times as well from time to time and you wish for something to calm your nervous system. I did the meditation myself in a moment of agitation and it definitely helped me too. I have been using my voice as a tool for rebalancing for a long time in my life. I think voices are really powerful and can enable healing in many forms.

If you decide to do the meditation, do it when you feel overwhelmed, anxious, lonely, hopeless or any other really difficult feelings. Do it once you are at home, with privacy, with headphones on, laying down so you can fully focus on it and relax into it. Please accept my apology for the imperfect audio quality. When the message came for me to record this meditation, I had to do it right away to allow the flow in it. I did not feel that I had time to set up my usual equipment. The energy behind it was more important to me than the perfect audio quality.

I wish you well,


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