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Aleah Ava

I believe that love is the most transformational experience, and we all deserve a love that feels deeply fulfilling
and safe. 

That’s why I’ve created this podcast in the first place – to help you step out of relationship anxiety and into healthy radiant love. 

Your reviews inspire me to continue delivering high-quality episodes that engage, educate, and entertain you. Plus, your feedback helps others discover my podcast and join my community of like-minded listeners. 

Please take a moment to leave a review and let your voice be heard. I deeply appreciate your support and look forward to hearing your valuable insights. Together, we can make this podcast even better.

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Here’s How You Leave A Review

apple itunes

Step #1

Open your Apple podcast app on your phone (or any of your favorite podcast app).


Step # 2

Click the “Search” function and look for “Addicted To Love Podcast”, then click on the show.


Step #3

Click the subscribe or follow button (if you have not already subscribed).

rate and review

Step #4

Scroll down ‘Ratings & Reviews’. Click on ‘Write A Review’. Rate the podcast by selecting a # of stars, add title and review. Click ‘Send’.

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It wasn’t, however, until I got professional help that I started to sleep through the night again. I needed to understand more about myself and the things I could not see.

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