30 Days No Contact Survival Guide

Whether you have recently gone through a tough break-up or you wonder how to stop yourself from giving in again? Maybe, you have been ghosted and your person has gone incognito, or you are the one that had the courage to leave. Whatever it was your choice or not, you are faced with no contact and you might be feeling sad, frustrated, anxious or confused. Or worst of all, you might be feeling like a complete failure and wonder how to survive now that love is gone. You are feeling that way because you are experiencing emotional withdrawal. I am here to help! In this episode I will show you how to not just survive a break-up, but actually thrive. Our 30 Days No Contact Survival Guide is just the right thing for you if you need a little help in making it to the other side. For the next 30 days and with more than 70 pages we will be supporting you as you are going through the difficult, but much needed phase of no-contact. 

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How To Survive Going No Contact

Welcome back to Addicted To Love! It´s Aleah Ava here and finally I am coming to you with the promised episode called “The 30 Days No Contact Survival Guide“.

30 days no contact survival guide

If you are anything like me, you possibly have or have had this one person in the past in your life that you have been on and off with for a while. Maybe you are in the middle of the co-addicted tango that I talked about in my last episode. 

Something within you knows that even if you are having a hard time letting go of that person, this relationship is not going anywhere and it´s not really making you feel good.

But as i just said you also can´t quite let go of it. Maybe you have tried to break up with them, but at some point you have given in again because the symptoms of withdrawal can be brutal.

I know how you feel because I have been there and I know how difficult it is to let go of someone you feel hooked on. But for me, when the suffering got too much, I became aware that a part within me really wants to let go and create space for true love to come in.


co-addicted relationship

Ending My On/Off Relationship Cycle

First I have tried to tell myself that I can stay friends, then we got together again, then he or I broke it off again, and that happened not just once. Relapse is part of this process for sure. But at some point I started to feel more and more ready to let go of something that did not serve me – I just didn’t know how to do it yet. Through the relapses, I came to realize that no matter what I am telling myself, there is no in between when it comes to letting go of a person you’ve been co-addicted with.

You have to go no contact at some point if you want to get the necessary perspective, heal and avoid the endless on/off relationship cycle. Click To Tweet

Especially if you no longer want to be at their mercy when it comes to their unreliable way of loving you. Only through detoxing that person from your life you will get a fair chance of claiming back your sovereignty, your dignity, collect the lost pieces of your life and remember that you can live without this person.


ending relationship

Seeing The Importance Of Going No Contact

Wanting to step out of a co-addicted relationship is one great reason to go no-contact. But maybe that is not your situation. You might be facing no-contact not because you chose it, but because you are the one who was broken up with. Perhaps you have been ghosted and your partner or date has gone incognito, and it feels as if they want nothing to do with you anymore, triggering all your pain of rejection and abandonment.

Whatever your circumstances, you either want to or have to get over someone, and while doing so you might be faced with an overwhelming sensation.

Just the vibe the words ‘no contact’ can make you feel anxious and hopeless.

That is why I have created the 30 Days No Contact Survival Guide to help moving through no contact. But more on that later.


no contact 

What Does ‘No Contact’ Mean?

First, let´s be clear what no contact actually means: During the no contact phase you have zero contact with the person you are going no contact with, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. That means no texts, no calls, no social media messages, no stalking, no accidental run-ins, no responding when being contacted, no going places you think he or she might be going. Nothing. Sounds scary right?

The sudden absence of that person will most likely kick you into the unpleasant stage of withdrawal. You’ll feel that after any breakup of a significant attachment. Click To Tweet

With the absence of your person, the feel-good hormones and pleasure chemicals will be pretty much absent and you might start craving them. It can also trigger very profound unresolved childhood wounding in you. Wounding around rejection and abandonment, the fear of not being loved anymore. All of a sudden it is not just about missing that person, but a much deeper fear for survival kicking in. I remember saying to myself in despair: “Who is going to love me now?”, when my person dropped me like a hot potato and going silent on me. The discomfort of withdrawal is what makes people give in again, so you gotta be prepared for it, and I am here to help.

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Emotional Withdrawal 


Withdrawal can be so brutal that you will start doing the opposite of what you actually wanted to do, or do crazy things like stalking them. You might experience intrusive or obsessive thoughts, confusion, irritability or depression. You can also have more physical symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite or you can’t sleep at all.

I know what it feels like to let go of someone you once have been involved with, even loved so deeply. For years I accepted breadcrumbs before I was able to leave a dysfunctional co-addicted relationship. I also convinced myself for way too long that one can remain friends or try again. But honestly, that was only to regulate the pain and loneliness I wasn’t willing or able to feel.

Truth is, nothing has been more expansive on an emotional and spiritual level than letting go of love that didn’t give me what my heart so deeply desired. Click To Tweet

Having had the courage to do so, however, brought me everything, an epic man, a thriving business, and true lasting self-esteem. And all the most valuable lessons I have received from going no-contact is what I want to share with you to make it a tad easier.

I know how it feels to be ghosted by someone where you think is THE ONE. The heartbreak and loneliness feel excruciating.

For me it was a dark night of the soul moment. I could not sleep, I could not focus, I was constantly hoping that he’d show up and I felt incapable of feeling anything other than being a complete failure.

Withdrawal from that person, from being physically close to him, from knowing that I will see him soon again, from making love or getting his sweet kisses all over my neck was brutal. I was convinced that in the end, love does not exist for me and life proved it yet another time.

In that moment I made an important decision: “Enough is enough.”

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Take Responsibility And Discover Yourself Again 


fall in love with yourself

I wanted to never feel like that ever again and I was ready and committed to do whatever it took to move forward in life. I was ready to take full responsibility and even endure no-contact to free myself for good because I knew that on and off is not going to get me there.

I took a closer look at what my relationships are usually like, what role I played in them, and what usually led to the failure of it. I went on a deep spiritual healing journey.

Slowly, but steadily I rediscovered myself, and rebuilt various aspects of my life to the point where I burned all my limiting beliefs around love and relationships and finally manifested the kindest, most passionate, and caring man I have ever met. He literally is me in a male body, so full of love.

But the best part of it all?

I wasn´t looking for THE ONE anymore, I was ready to let it all go and in the process of my healing, I became THE ONE - falling madly in love with myself. Click To Tweet

I no longer chased after love and started to say ‘no’ to anything that did not represent the highest version of the relationship. I reclaimed my boundaries and set standards that became a minimum requirement for how men (people), the world got to treat me, and I felt more empowered and in integrity than ever before.

My business became my love affair and since then I have helped thousands of people overcoming co-addicted relationships and I know from the work with my one-on-one clients that they too have turned their loneliness and relationship anxiety into epic love, marriage and even kids.



The 30 Days No Contact Survival Guide

Are You Ready And Willing To Invest Your Energy, Time And Your Full Commitment To Heal And Grow Like Never Before?

Then I have just the right thing for you.

Just imagine for a moment…

• You are crystal clear on who you want to be in relationships
• You have grieved the painful loss that comes with break-up, and feel empowered and confident instead of anxious or insecure
• You have deepened the relationship with yourself
• You no longer attract emotionally unavailable “half in” partners
• You have clearer boundaries than ever before
• You know your needs and no longer feel ashamed for having them
• You have realistic expectations on what a healthy relationship really feels like
• You’re ready to call in romance into your life from a place of worthiness, clarity and excitement

That is what my guide will do for you.

Going no contact is a commitment to self love. Click To Tweet


30 days no contact survival guide


What You Get When You Download The 30 Days No Contact Survival Guide

For the next 30 days you have me in your corner. You’ll get a 75 pages workbook with daily exercises to keep you on track. In week 1 we will lift the veil and step out of denial. Week 2 is all about self-reflection, week 3 is dedicated to self-care, self-love and respect, where you rediscover your sense of worthiness and in week 4 you’ll come back to life and rise like a phoenix from the ashes of your old self.

Besides the workbook, you’ll also be able to join a supportive confidential Facebook support group, and you’ll get online Q&A sessions and live coaching with myself.

The 30 days no contact survival guide is the next best thing to working with me personally.


If you want more on getting the best out of your life and relationships, check out our new brand The Royal Path where you find everything about personal growth, deep healing and emotional liberation.


Just For A Moment, Close Your Eyes And Imagine Life On The Other Side Where There Is An Abundance Of Epic Love

You wake up in the morning and look at your partner, and already in the middle of your chest you can feel your heart beat in excitement to wake up with this total Rockstar of a being sleeping next to you. You feel so deeply loved and calm that you dance through the day giving the juiciest version of yourself to this world and the people around you.

Your partner has a heart of gold, is attentive, caring and makes you feel loved like no one ever did. You laugh – a lot – together and you keep inspiring each other as you are becoming the person in each other’s corner.

This love is the pure reflection of the love you have or wish to have for yourself and your uplifting energy inspires others too.

You enjoy adventure, fun and lots of romance as you are creating a life that feels rich and abundant of the most beautiful memories you keep creating together.

Usually when people work with me it doesn’t take long until they manifest epic love too, and I am here to tell you, that you can too. But it really takes commitment. These things won’t happen magically. They happen because you invest in yourself and do whatever it takes to heal your wounds, stop repeating old patterns, and ultimately attract what your heart truly desires.

My team and I will be here for you throughout every step. We believe in you and we know that love heals everything. If you want to go check out the guide, you can do so at:


You will find all information on our page so you can make an informed decision. If you buy this course, I want you to buy it because it resonates with your soul. I look forward to seeing you burn everything that no longer serves you and rise like a Phoenix. See you inside.

Have a great day!


If you want more on getting the best out of your life and relationships, check out our new brand The Royal Path where you find everything about personal growth, deep healing and emotional liberation.


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