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In times of Covid-19 or other pandemics it is easy to feel isolated and lonely especially with quarantine and lockdown going on. This situation forces us to learn how to comfort ourselves and take care of our emotional wellbeing. In this episode I am presenting you a guided meditation to help you deal with potential emotional upheaval and I will share my way of self-care to help you even more overcoming those feelings of anxiety, loneliness and hopelessness.

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The Importance Of Holding Yourself In Times Of Covid-19
Guided Meditation


Welcome back to another episode of the Addicted To Love Podcast, my name is Aleah Ava and I am glad you are tuning in. Thank you so much for that, I really appreciate you spending some time with me here on the podcast!

What a crazy moment in history, right? Most people are locked down in their house or apartment due to Covid-19, no kids are in school, stores are closed, it seems like the world is standing still for a moment. Social distancing and many other restrictions are put in place and many of us find ourselves on our own with nothing but our self to be with.

On one hand, this period can bring a much-needed relaxation, allowing us to slow down and turn inwards. And at the same time, we are confronted with a lot of difficult challenges that affect not only ourselves, but also our loved ones. Apart from the economic challenges, we can also find ourselves at times feeling isolated, lonely, fearful, anxious and almost paralyzed by the fear of survival and the unknown. I fully respect that, and I want to support you.



holding yourself

In times of alonesomeness like now we are also being given an opportunity to further develop our ability to increase our level of awareness, to find peace and comfort within ourselves. There is no better moment for building our inner resilience to better cope with the current and upcoming challenges.

These are also times when survival kicks in and we naturally tense up and want to protect ourselves, when actually we need the opposite. We need to regulate the threat response in our brain and soothe our nervous system.


In times of isolation we need connection and love more than ever. Share on X


Only that now we are forced to find new ways to give that to ourselves. So, this morning, as always, I sat down in my meditation and I got the impulse of creating a guided meditation for you. For the past 2 months, my spiritual practice has been focused on self-nurturing, self-sourcing and self-love. I was and still am continuously exploring how I can self-source as much love, bliss and joy as I possibly can. Meaning, how can I give myself the love, the attention, the connection, the joy, the pleasure my heart craves for?



meditation incense


I experimented a lot with creating a safe space, actively listening in and holding myself. Allowing myself to express what is happening and tuning into what I need and long for. The practice of self-holding is not just a very potent, powerful and beautiful practice, but also a practice that allows you to feel more self-sourced, autonomous and sovereign. Developing the ability to hold yourself is not only an important skill, but a wonderful gift you can give to yourself.

And for me, it really works. I can see how it makes a big difference between me continuously practicing self-sourcing, self-loving and self-holding instead of abandoning and neglecting myself, hoping for someone else to fill the emptiness in my heart. I also call it “mothering” myself. My adult me is sitting down with that part of me that needs to be held and depends on someone to take care of her needs. Only that the one needing and the one fulfilling the needs is the same person, me.

I meditate every morning, it´s the first thing after I have made myself a tea. I always use different meditation-styles. However, if I wake up a bit heavy, I always do this type of self-holding meditation. So today I am sharing with you a guided meditation that will invite you to do just this: to hold and love yourself.

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What you need for our guided meditation




For this meditation you will need a mirror you can look into and a comfortable place to sit down. If possible, sit cross-legged or in any position that allows you to relax except for lying down as you want to have your spine straight and upright. In this meditation we will be focusing on two specific practices. 


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Now, let’s get ready for our meditation. You can stop the recording here to get yourself organized. Find a place where you can sit down in front of a mirror and where you can feel safe and comfortable to dive in. Best is to see at least your full face in the mirror and make sure you can place it on something, so your hands are free. If you are out and about, wait until you are at home. Don’t do this practice while you are driving! Instead of watching TV, you can put on some candles and incense sticks. Put your phone to flight mode and get ready to spend a heart-felt moment with yourself. 



Let´s get started with our meditation




Sit down cross-legged in front of the mirror. Place your hands on your knees with your palms facing upwards. Close your eyes and take a calm deep breath. Start focusing on your breath, noticing how your belly moves in and out. With every outbreath you sink deeper into the ground relaxing more and more. Start breathing consciously in and out in a slow way. 5 counts on your inbreath, 5 counts on your outbreath with no break in between. 


Slow down and tune into your body


You slow down completely. Every thought that you have becomes just a passing cloud. And every time you realize that you are starting to think, you drop the thoughts and you come back to the breathing. You sink deeper and deeper letting go more and more.

Tune into your body and notice how the different parts of your body actually feel. Start by tuning into your feet. Moving up your legs, your perineum, your hips, your belly, the solar plexus and your chest. Keep scanning and feel into your shoulders, your throat, your neck, your ears and your back. Feel into your face, your forehead and your jaw. With every breath you relax those parts more and more and you let go of any contractions you might perceive. Rest your eye-lids and the skin of your face. Breathe. 


Tune into your heart and dive deeper


Now tune into your heart. How does your heart feel today? What are the sensations and feelings in your heart? Maybe there is some nervousness or contraction. Maybe it feels as if you can barely hold up your body. Maybe you can’t breathe in and out in a relaxed way yet. Maybe it all still feels a bit uncomfortable, sitting down and being asked to slow down and tune in. And that’s okay.

You just keep diving in, slowing down, perceiving your body. Perceiving if you can feel that in the stillness your body isn’t actually completely still. It actually has very subtle and tiny vibrations. Maybe you can even feel your body very slightly move. It is the subtlest movements. The more relaxed you are, the more you can perceive those little vibrations. 




Observe your body and stay present during the meditation


Keep breathing consciously, staying 100% present to what you perceive on the inside. Without any breaks in between you just continue breathing in and out in 5 counts. In your own tempo. Take your right hand and slowly place it on your heart. With the next breath you take your left hand and place it on your belly. Tuning into the connection your hands are making with your body.

When you are ready, gently open your eyes and look at your self in the mirror while you keep your breathing going. Start focusing on your left eye. Hello, me. Keep going with the breath. In 5 counts and out 5 counts. You keep focusing on your left eye. Connecting with yourself. Relaxing very deeply into yourself as you are looking at yourself. Keep breathing and gazing. With every outbreath you let go more and more.


Observe your thoughts and let them go


Maybe you notice new thoughts coming in. Maybe you find yourself unable to focus solely on the left eye and your attention is being drawn to different parts of your face. Maybe you find yourself judge parts of yourself. If you do so, just let it go and you return your focus on the left eye again. You look into your soul by doing that. And if that is hard, then you can ask yourself the following question: May I enter you? Breathe.

May I sit with you for a while? May I hold you? Breathe. And you keep watching and gazing into your left eye, letting go as you are opening up to be met by yourself. 


loneliness sadness anxiety


Everything of what you are feeling right now is okay


How do you feel today? And you listen closely as you keep breathing through your answers. What are the feelings and sensations you are experiencing as you are connecting with yourself? Go within deeper and deeper. “I am feeling a heaviness on my chest!” “I am having a hard time relaxing into my breath and sitting here in stillness”. I’m having a hard time relaxing into the gaze into my left eye. Maybe you feel joy and content. Sparks of bliss. But maybe you are sad and really down. Empty and sucked out of energy. Maybe you feel numb. All of what you are feeling right now is okay.

As you are observing those feelings, you can allow those feelings to be. You can look into your own eye, allowing those feelings and breathing with those feelings and sensations. 


Welcome and validate your feelings

“Show me! All of it! I am here, I want to see all of it. You get to be precisely the way you are right now. Your feelings are beautiful. And they are welcome. Your worries, your fears, whatever they are, they are welcome here. Now. You get to tell me about them. I will listen and be present to hear about your worries. I invite you to share them with me. In our silent but powerful communication. Tell me all about them.”

And as you are telling yourself about them, you let your eye mirror those feelings. I find all of them in the expression of my left eye. I let myself be seen in all of those thoughts, feelings and sensations. And my gaze stays 100% present for that allowing anything that comes up. Maybe you can feel tears coming up. Whatever it is. You just tell yourself; I am here, I want to see it all.


Relax and feel the touch of your hands

hold yourself

And you sink deeper and deeper into the relaxation of your being. With every breath you let go more and more and more. Feeling into the touch of your hands, touching your heart and your belly. And as you keep looking into your left eye you proceed asking; may I hold you? May I place my hand on your cheek, for you to rest your face in it?
Take a deep breath as you are giving permission to yourself to do so. Breathing and recycling any resistance that might come up with that question, opening up more and more.

With your next breath, you take your right hand and place it fully on your right cheek. Breathing slowly, receiving that touch. Letting your face sink into your right hand, gently closing your eyes. Breathe and rest. Feel how the skin of your cheek and the skin of your hand touch each other. The touch is a solid, safe, grounded touch. Breathe. Soften the weight of your head into your right hand. Maybe bend your head very lightly to the right as if you rested your head in your hand. Resting in the holding of yourself.


breathe meditation


And as you keep breathing, you take your left hand and you place it just below your throat, not on your throat, but right where the throat ends and your upper chest starts, spreading your thumb from the rest of your fingers. 
Tune into your hands and fill them with as much presence and love as you can. With a safe grounded energy, protective and strong. Imagine your hands to be an extension of your heart, radiating love and warmth as much as you can.

With every breathe you sink deeper into the holding of yourself. You can close your eyes if you want to or you can keep looking at yourself, whatever feels better. But I deeply rest in my own embrace. Feeling how the skin of my hands touch the skin of my face and chest. And I am soothing myself in the process.

you got this


“I am holding you. I am here with you. I hold you; I am here! You are safe in my embrace. Come rest with me. Rest in my love. I’ve got you.”


And if you want to change the way you hold yourself, you can do that anytime. Trusting in what you need and long for. Maybe you even want to lay down, being with yourself. Follow any impulse that comes.  Resting in the gentle embrace of yourself. Whatever it is, whatever position you want to be held in, is welcome. The safe, present, loving warm and tender touch.  “I am here. And there is nothing that I have to do, I am just here, sitting in the embrace of my feelings and sensations. Knowing that everything that I am and feel right now is good the way it is and is welcome.”

I am always welcome in my own safe space. I have the power to hold and mother myself. Share on X


Anytime that I get anxious or I worry, or I feel lonely, I slow down and sit with myself. In the gentle gaze and embrace of myself. Where I find all of the softness and the love and the safety looking right back at me. I just need to slow down and pay attention to my breath, to the feelings and sensations in my body and my heart. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

I honor you for everything that you are. I honor you for everything that you feel. And for your longings and cravings. And for all of your desires you might have but are unfulfilled in that moment. I see all of that. And it is okay. It is okay. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. But to be here with myself. And my undivided attention. 

Any spark of openness in the chest that you can feel is what you want to anchor deeply by breathing deeply into the vastness and openness in the middle of your heart. With your breath you amplify that. I can sit with myself. I can find peace and silence within myself as I decide to tune in. And if you are still sitting gazing at your left eye, you can gently smile at yourself. 



Recognizing and honoring your own being also after the meditation

love yourself

Honouring you doing your spiritual practice to stay sane. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And you either physically or in your imagination bow your head to your own beautiful being. Thank you Thank you Thank you. 

And when you are ready, you can come back into the present moment in this room again. You can lightly start moving your fingers, your body. Stretching gently your back. Breathing deeply. 

Remember the importance of your own spiritual practice these days. How important it is to take your sacred time with yourself. To get yourself centered. Feel more safe and at home in your body again. When your mind goes crazy and the downward spiral starts to happen, drop everything that you are doing and sit with yourself.

I wish you the most wonderful day and of course now more than ever, I am here for you. If you need more personal support, you can reach out to me, anytime. Take care of yourself and remember that raising the vibration from fear to love will happen naturally if we are aware of our smallest actions. You reaching out to someone you think might have a hard time. The presence that you bring as you are listening to someone else. The helping hand you offer to the people around you. In the words that you speak. The voice that you use, the softness and gentleness of your speaking. Ask your children how they are doing. Ask your spouse, your partner and friends. It is those little actions that count more than ever.

Bless you, I wish you well.
Good bye, Aleah.

If you want more on getting the best out of your life and relationships, check out our new brand The Royal Path where you find everything about personal growth, deep healing and emotional liberation.


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